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All Things Bright & Beautiful

All Things Bright & BeautifulAll Things Bright & Beautiful offers a wide selection of dried and fresh bouquets. By providing the best quality flowers and service, we guarantee to make every occasion special.

We provide fresh and dried bouquets made with the highest quality flowers available. We have a comprehensive selection of bouquets to choose from, or you can create your own flower arrangements. We stock a selection of greetings cards to suit all occasions and tastes. We also provide a 7-day delivery service.
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    Tips for the month of:
    In the garden
    Half scooped-out grapefruit or orange skins left lying face down in strategic parts of the garden will attract slugs and snails at night. In the morning all you have to do is gather them up and dispose of the pests.

    In the house
    If you get lily pollen on your clothes or on fabric, use sticky tape to get it off - never use water, or rub it, as it will stain for ever.

Potpourri is simple to make from a mixture of petals and aromatic leaves; they are preserved with a ...
Garden Folklore
Many garden remedies and solutions have been passed down through the years, and with the growing need and ...

Our selection of ready made bouquets are all created from the highest quality blooms, grown professionally by local ...

Our team of garden specialists offer a wide range of services and information. We can provide a ...

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